Fabspeed Motorsport

Fabspeed BMW M235i (F22) Sport Cat Downpipe


Inject new life into your M235i with a perfect high-flow catted downpipe! Genuine 200-cell HJS HD catalyst instantly adds a staggering 21 whp and 36 ft/lbs of torque at 3000 RPM without triggering a check engine light!


Fits all BMW F22 M235i vehicles

Designed with a 200-cell HJS HD catalytic converter core for maximum performance and reliability; same cat core used on our Ferrari 458 Italia applications!

Direct bolt-on replacement; no cutting or welding required

Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed

Complies with most emissions regulations (NOTE: It the purchaser's responsibility to verify legality and compliance in their region.)

Adds 21 whp and 36 ft/lbs of torque at 3000 RPM

A crease is incorporated to allow for clearance in any M235i setup

Peak Power

Stock= 309 whp / 328 ft/lbsExhaust = 322 whp / 356 ft/lbs

Maximum Gains

3000 RPM = +21whp / +36ft/lbs4500 RPM = +26whp / +22ft/lbs