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Fabspeed Chevrolet Corvette C8 Header Blankets (2020+)


Get the best exhaust heat control solution for your C8 Corvette! From the factory, GM engineers designed headers with heat shields to protect sensitive electronic components in the engine bay. Most aftermarket headers don’t include any heat shields or provisions to attach the OEM heat shields. When designing our exhaust solutions for the C8 we did extensive heat testing and found that heat control is essential for the C8 engine bay or else electronics, plastics, and fuel lines start to melt and/or fatigue from intense heat cycling. That’s why we developed military spec thermal blankets that provide better than OEM heat control for our Sport Headers and many other aftermarket headers. We have 20+ years of experience designing heat blankets for McLaren’s and Ferrari’s producing over 800 HP. Our heat blankets are capable of withstanding 2200 degrees fahrenheit. They don’t trap in moisture like header wrap does (which even destroys stainless steel over time), and they provide far greater heat control than any ceramic coating can.


Fits all Chevrolet Corvette C8 mid-engine Vehicles Coupes and Convertibles worldwide 2020+

The best heat control solution for C8 headers

Protects sensitive electronics and fuel lines

Military spec construction made with 321 stainless steel netting, ceramic fiber and Kevlar jackets with 321 springs

Should fit any aftermarket header designed to work with OEM position catalytic converters

The same design and materials have been proven for over 20 years on high horsepower McLarens and Ferraris

Simple “bolt-on” installation, all hardware included

All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

Header Blankets will smoke for the first few miles after installation This is 100% normal and will subside once the blankets are broken in and heat cycled 2-3 times.