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Fabspeed GT3 OEM Center Muffler Reinforcement (2006-2019)


The GT3 Center Muffler Reinforcement Brace is designed to extend the fatigue life of any and ALL GT3 OEM Porsche factory center mufflers. Each and every Porsche 997GT3 2006 to 2019 GT3/ GT3RS stainless steel and Titanium OEM muffler's metal skin fractures due to an “oil can” effect. The varying internal pressures generated by the exhaust gases cause a repeated expansion and contraction leading to a classic fatigue failure. Big Old Backfires and explosions in a GT3 are common too and hurt muffler cases. Its common knowledge that many Porsche GT3 center mufflers are breaking/ exploding/fracturing if the cars are driven and really driven at Track Events and enthusiast events. The Fabspeed brace is designed to reduce the magnitude of this deflection resulting in a longer service life. This small modification can save you a very expensive trip to the dealer and potentially $2500 which is the cost of replacement for a factory OEM Muffler, or over $6000 for the Titanium GT3RS/ 911R center muffler.


Fits all Porsche OEM center mufflers on all 997 GT3/GT3RS, 997.2 GT3/GT3RS, 991 GT3/GT3RS, 991.2 GT3/GT3RS and 911 R cars world wide.

11 gauge T 304L stainless steel construction- works with both stainless steel and titanium Porsche OEM center mufflers.

Simple slip-on installation, designed to mount using the factory GT3 center muffler straps to the back of all Porsche OEM GT3 center mufflers.

Designed to greatly improve the longevity of the OEM Muffler by preventing metal fatigue and also stop 1200 degree exhaust gas in the event of a muffler failure from damaging your car.

Even if you have an existing old GT3 center muffler you can protect your engine from a catastrophic damage from fire and flames that can burn wire and plastic water pipes when the center muffler fails.

Used by Porsche PCA Club Racers, Drivers Ed participants and many Porsche shops worldwide.

Works and fits great on all Porsche GT3 CUP cars too with GT3 center mufflers.

Works great for air-cooled 964/993 Gung-Ho customers / engine builders that install GT3 OEM center mufflers on air-cooled cars!

All Fabspeed Performance Products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty