The Geolandar G012 A/T-S gives impressive all terrain capability without generating the tyre noise and harshness typical of all terrain tyres on the tarmac.
The tread compound on the G012 A/T-S is cut and chip resistant and Silent Tyre Technology from the passenger range makes the G012 A/T-S a surprisingly quiet all terrain tyre.

Unwanted tyre noise can increase significantly when the tyre wears unevenly. The Geolandar A/T-S features rounded-edge intermediate blocks that have 3D pyramid-like zigzag sipes. This configuration helps reduce uneven wear as extra rigidity reduces block deformation under stress. These blocks are then arranged in a 5 pitch variation theme to reduce tyre noise to an absolute minimum. The patented “multi-step” grooves between the tread blocks is part of the secret to Geolandar A/T-S’s superb off-road traction. It helps clear mud and dirt to increase the tyre’s biting edges for enhanced traction on loose off-road surfaces.

Following exhaustive testing around the world Yokohama has formulated the very best A/T compound to date. The silica based tread compound not only offers superb grip in the wet but it also delivers improved tread mileage.

Features & Benefits:

Comfort and silence silence on-road
Durability, Anti-uneven wear property with consistent wear rate
Excellent traction off-road
Multi-step tread block design
5 pitch tread pattern variation
Powerful sidewall protectors
3-D sipes
4 deep straight grooves