Fabspeed Motorsport

Fabspeed Acura NSX TT / Type S Quad-Tip Cat Back Sport Exhaust (2017-2022)


Our laser-cut Acura SX Twin-Turbo Quad-Tip Catback Sport Exhaust is designed to be a direct, bolt-on replacement for the extremely restrictive OEM heavy, bulky, and overly complicated Acura valved exhaust. Precision crafted using mandrel bent T304L stainless steel for maximum durability, our big-bore Acura SX Twin-Turbo Quad-Tip Catback Sport Exhaust adds sportscar sound and turbo spool, all while saving a significant 19 lbs. (8.6 kg) off the rear of the vehicle.


Fits all Acura NSX Twin Turbo Vehicles 2017+ (Optional Exhaust Valve Simulators are electronic valve simulators which are plug and play for the factory electrical harness connector to prevent system faults caused when the valves are removed - Not required for 2017-2018 models but recommended for 2019+ models)

Direct replacement bolt-on, precision crafted, mandrel bent, T304L stainless steel pipes to replace restrictive OEM heavy Acura valved exhaust.

No Check Engine Light guaranteed. Complies with emissions and warranty. The system is a catback, so it is legal in 50 states.

Fabspeed is the world's first company to design & perfect this exhaust for the Acura NSX twin-turbo.

Precision engineered and 100% manufactured in USA using HAAS CNC, FLOW WATERJET, and UNISON LTD mandrel bending equipment.

Increased sportscar sound and Turbo spool - No resonance and no drone.

Saves 19 pounds and 8.6 KG versus OEM NSX valved exhaust.

Angle-cut dual outlets that look great and fill up the stock OEM chrome exhaust bezel.