Fabspeed Motorsport

Fabspeed Ferrari F355 Sport Performance Package (1994-1999)


This is a complete high-performance exhaust and intake solution for the Ferrari F355. Get the most refined sound and power from Fabspeed's Maxflo Performance Exhaust System, Sport Headers, Sport Catalytic Converters, Deluxe Dual Style Tips, Carbon Fiber Air Box Covers, and a BMC F1 Replacement Air Filter.


  • F355 Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust incl. Deluxe Quad Style Tips
  • F355 Sport Headers
  • F355 Sport Catalytic Converters
  • F355 Secondary Link Pipes
  • F355 Silicone Intake Hoses
  • F355 Carbon Fiber Airboxes (Only fits 1996-1999 5.2 vehicles)
  • F355 BMC Replacement Air Filters
  • F355 Xpertune Performance Software



Fits all Ferrari F355 Berlinettas, GTS, & Spiders (1994-1999)

Please specify whether 1995 (2.7) or 1996-1999 (5.2) when ordering

Increases max horsepower and torque by 44 whp and 37 ft-lbs

Dramatic improvement in Ferrari F1 sound

Supersport Exhaust with deluxe quad-outlet tips is a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM exhaust and tips

High performance sport headers are direct replacement for the restrictive failure prone OEM headers.