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Fabspeed Lamborghini Huracan Valvetronic Performance Package


Unlock the full potential of your Lamborghini Huracan's 5.2L V10 with increased air flow, power, and reduced weight from Fabspeed's Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System, BMC F1 Performance Air Filters, and Fabspeed ECU Tune


  • Huracan Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System
  • Huracan BMC F1 Performance Air Filters
  • Huracan Fabspeed ECU Tune



Fits all Lamborghini Huracan Vehicles Coupes and Spiders worldwide 2014+

Fabspeed Motorsport USA was the 1st company in the world to DYNO develop and perfect a Huracan system. Fabspeed has the most experience with these cars.

Save over $500 by ordering our complete performance and sound solution all at once!

Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System constructed from high-quality, T304 stainless steel C.N.C. mandrel bent tubing for maximum power and sound

Valved design includes 70mm bypass pipes and a 63.5mm quad-resonated X-Pipe

Dual exhaust tones with valves closed in Strada mode, and wide open in Strada mode

Saves 23lbs from the rear of the vehicle, improving handling and acceleration

Increased air flow from BMC F1 Performance Air Filters

Fabspeed ECU Tune optimizes the air/fuel ratio throughout the RPM range for maximum power to match the increased efficiency from Fabspeed hardware

Direct bolt-on application with no cutting or welding required

All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty