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McLaren 765LT HJS Sport Catalytic Converters (2021+)


Our HJS GERMA Sport Catalytic Converters replaces the restrictive McLaren 765LT OEM catalytic converters with two ultra high-performance 200 cell HJS German-Imported Tri-Metallic high flow catalytic converters for improved performance and hypercar sound. Fabspeed's HJS Sport Cats provide enhance air flow, flowing at 91 - 93% the rate of a straight pipe. The HJS Catalytic converters chosen by Fabspeed EACH can support over 1200HP. These are giant 5.15" 130mm round units. The largest size that can be installed and fit a McLaren 720S.


Fits all McLaren 765LT 2021+ Model Year

System comes with thermal military spec blankets included

Constructed with Fabspeed-proprietary 200-cell HJS HD German imported high-flowing catalytic converters. flow equivalent to 91% to 93% of a straight pipe / no cat systems.

Make significantly more power than cat bypass pipes. CATBYPASS PIPES DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE MORE POWER EVEN WHEN TUNED! Inquire.

Keep the world CLEAN and GREEN by installing HJS German catalytic converters. Seriously.

Huge 5.25" inlet pipes with extra large HJS catalytic converters connected to a 5" to 4" to 76mm CNC mandrel bent tubing for absolute maximum exhaust flow and velocity.

Less restriction after the turbo allows for faster spooling and transient boost response.

Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed

Improved sports car sound and power with less restriction after the turbo for faster spooling, you can have flames and still have exotic hypercar sports car sound.

All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty