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Fabspeed McLaren GT Competition Link Pipes (2020+)


Replace the restrictive OEM McLaren 7GT 650-cell catalytic converters with much less restrictive straight-through pipes for maximum flow and maximum Hyper-car Sportscar sound.Fabspeed Motorsport USA was the very 1st company in the world to design, engineer and develop performance parts for McLaren cars. Fabspeed Motorsport has the most experience and knowledge of any company in the world on these cars.Our included thermal heat blankets consist of a 13mm thick ceramic fiber refractory mat, with T321 stainless steel liner rated to 1800 degrees, covering ceramic insulation makes direct contact with the downpipes. The basalt fabric exterior covers sewn with stainless steel mesh covering all edges and high quality stainless steel spring fasteners ensure longevity. Fabspeed Motorsport invested a lot of time and resources into developing the best possible McLaren downpipes and we're now proud to offer you this latest and greatest solution. McLaren is constantly updating their vehicles and offering even better performance, and we're dedicated to doing the same. Fabspeed is the global authority for aftermarket McLaren performance.


Fits all McLaren GT vehicles (2020+) worldwide.

Fabspeed's Catbypass Pipes / Downtubes replace the restrictive OEM 650 CPSI catalytic converters with unrestrictive straight-through pipes for maximum flow / maximum sports car sound.

Direct bolt-on replacement for the heavy OEM catalytic converters

Adds a very aggressive exhaust note for exotic high-performance sound.

Constructed from high-quality 14-16 gauge C.N.C. mandrel-bent T304L stainless steel and 321 stainless steel for optimum flow and maximum durability

Optional 02 spacers available to help prevent triggering the Check Engine Light. You will get a CEL with just catbypass pipes.

All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty