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Fabspeed Porsche 992 GT3 / GT3 RS RENNKRAFT™ Modular GTLM Exhaust Package (2022+)


This is a complete headers to tips exhaust solution for the 992 GT3 and features our patented REKRAFT™ system. Designed to be the most powerful emissions compliant exhaust system possible. We used all 25+ years of Porsche exhaust design experience and our finest manufacturing techniques to engineer this incredible modular system. We started with the headers. From our experience designing our 991/991.2 Long Tube Headers, we knew that “long tube” headers were essential for making BIG power on the GT3 platform. After dozens of dyno runs and many revisions to runner length, diameter, and collector design we moved on to the catalytic converters and rear section. With perfectly optimized headers and cats, there was no room to fit the factory muffler section, so that went out the window. In its place we implemented extra large 200 cell HJS cats and our signature cast X-pipe. These cats flow so much better than stock, that we only gained 1-2 peak WHP when we tested the system with no cats. You can see the dyno graph for yourself above. Finally, after much testing we found that our cast X-pipe provided some significant gains from 3-6K RPM when compared to a simple crossover tube. With the patented REKRAFT™ system, you can easily swap between catted and cat bypass using the quick release v-band clamps (patent pending). So if you’re going to the track you can swap in cat-bypass pipes.


Fits all Porsche 992 GT3 and GT3 RS 2022+ Models Worldwide (This system does delete the GPF on EU cars, and will cause a check engine light for a monitored GPF system unless a simulator or tune is used)

Adds 31 WHP and 39 ft/lbs of TQ at 4250 RPM (37 HP at the crank)

Saves a massive 18lbs / 8.2 KGs versus the stock factory Porsche OEM system

Equal length headers with Burns Stainless Formula 1/ Indy car style high velocity merge collectors

Springs used for collector retention to accommodate for expansion and increase durability

Constructed from T321 stainless steel Mil Spec tubing- ASME specifications

CNC mandrel bent tubing featuring 2.75in / 70mm tubing

CAD designed investment cast stainless steel flanges for maximum flow and strength

Modular design that uses a V-band clamp so one can quickly swap between cats and cat bypass

The RENNKRAFT™ system has been awarded a US Patent and is the only system of its kind in the world

Switching to cat-bypass for track events prevents catalytic converter degradation during all out Endurance Racing competition racing abuse

We use German-made Emitec Tier 1 HJS HD tri-metallic 200-cell EURO 6 homologated catalytic converters for the best performance and reliability

Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed, when Sport Cats are installed

Comes with your choice of exhaust tips: Matte carbon fiber, mirror polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, Satin Black and 90 degree race turn down tips for sound control