Fabspeed Motorsport

Fabspeed Porsche 992 GT3 / GT3 RS Valvetronic Nordschleife Cat-Back Exhaust System (2022+)


The Fabspeed Motorsport Valvetronic ordschleife Cat-Back Exhaust System gives the 992 GT3 a truly exotic sports car sound, all while retaining the functionality of PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust). Our design process started with 3D scanning the entire OEM exhaust system using our CREAFORM 700 Handscan so that we could make a complete Solidworks 3D model of the exhaust. We then designed the exhaust and fixtures using that model so that the exhaust fit perfectly to OEM standards. After multiple revisions for sound and dyno testing we decided to use our signature cast 70mm 2.75" X-Pipe to tie the two cylinder banks together for exhaust scavenging and to defeat resonance. The exhaust valves are made by Helical Limited in the United Kingdom. These ISO 9001 certified valves are the same ones Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche use on their GT cars. The piping is mandrel bent from T304 Stainless steel, and you have five different tip options to choose from.SOUD:With PSE off our Valvetronic exhaust gives a nice subtle increase in volume. With PSE on it turns the 4.0L's exhaust note into a truly exotic sound with a significant increase in volume. The exhaust note changes from the smooth purr of the OEM exhaust to the aggressive race-bred snarl of a 911 CUP car. (If you need to cut down on how loud your exhaust is because of race track rules, we sell turn down tips which cut 3-6db of exhaust SPL.)POWER:This system improves on Porsche’s design by increasing pipe diameter from 2.5 in to 2.75 in and using our signature cast X-pipe instead of the factory H-Pipe. On our DynoJet we saw +17.5 crank HP or +14 whp at 4200 RPM and a healthy dose of torque down low at 4200 RPM gaining 17 ft/lbs of tq. Significant power gains that you can feel by the seat of your pants and also major rear weight savings


Fits all Porsche 992 GT3 and 992 GT3 RS 2022+ Models Worldwide

Significant Dyno gains across the RPM band. +17 ft/lbs tq @ 4200RPM and 17.5HP crank +14 whp @ 4200RPM

Dyno developed incrementally to give you the MAXIMUM Horsepower and superlative GT3 Cup style sports car sound.

Weight savings of 5lbs / 2.3KGs vs the factory exhaust

Completely retains PSE valved exhaust functionality.

Uses aerospace quality Helical Limited exhaust valves imported from the U.K. NO cheap guaranteed to fail valves from Asia!

Helical exhaust valves MUST be mandatory on any and all Porsche exhaust systems. If you are BUYING ask the other GUYS if these use Helical limited U.K. exhaust valves? If they dont or start saying their valves are JUST as GOOD RUN FAST!

Helical exhaust valves are aerospace grade valves that Porsche , Ferrari, McLaren , Pagani, Koeniggseeg , Gordon Murray use exclusively- no cheap as dirt 100% guaranteed to fail $50 Chinese valves.

Incorporates our signature cast X-pipe for superior flow and exhaust scavenging

This cat-back system is emissions legal in all 50 states

Constructed from high-quality 14-16ga CNC mandrel-bent T304L stainless steel for optimum flow and maximum durability

3D Laser scanned and CAD designed for perfect OEM fitment using an Ametek Handyscan 700

No Check Engine Light guaranteed- as its Cat-Back emissions complaint.

The worlds very best systems 100% dyno proven and guaranteed versus others systems.