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Fabspeed Porsche Cayenne GTS / Turbo Sport Competition Performance Package (2019+)


PURCHASE DISCLAIMER: Fabspeed Motorsport does not condone the use of emission defeat devices for any vehicles used on public streets or roadways. Fabspeed Motorsport will not tamper, remove, disable, or bypass emissions equipment on a motor vehicle in accordance with 40 CFR Section 86.1854.12(a)(3), Clean Air Act 40 CFR 1068.101(b). This includes software, known as tunes, that reprogram a motor vehicles electronic control module to alter engine performance and enable the removal of filters, catalysts, and other critical emissions controls.Our Sport Competition Performance Package will totally wake up your Cayenne GTS / Turbo and transform both the sound and driving characteristics. XperTune Performance software upgrade improves horsepower, torque, and driving characteristics by reprogramming various sensor inputs, air/fuel ratios, and boost pressure. Achieve excellent power from the Porsche 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 without sacrificing driveability or reliability by optimizing the engine's performance.


Fits Porsche E3 Cayenne GTS / Turbo 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 vehicles (2019 - June 2020) (Does NOT Fit Hybrid Models)

On the GTS we saw huge gains of 203 WHP and 179 ft/lbs of TQ

Lifetime BMC filters are washable and re-oilable

Extra large German imported HJS catalytic converters specifically fitted for this model to maximize performance and flow, while maintaining durability

Simple and direct bolt-on replacement for the stock ceramic restrictive catalytic converters

Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed

Upgrade the tune at no charge over the life of the car. Can be flashed back to stock when you would like at any time.

All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

This upgrade requires you to send us your ECU for re-programming. You will be emailed a download link with detailed instructions after adding this to your cart and checking out.

You must fill out and include a copy of the ECU Information form along with your ECU upon sending it in. Please contact us if you need to send the form in any other manner.

Fabspeed Motorsport saves your stock/factory ECU settings so that you can revert your vehicle back to stock settings at any time.

Why the June 2020 cut-off date?. All vehicles that currently use the Bosch MEVD and MG1 family of ECU’s starting mid-June 2020 are completely locked by Bosch. The reason for the update is to provide improved security for autonomous driving and other driving assistance features and keeping hackers away from remotely intervening with the vehicle’s systems. The lock has been introduced in the bootloader of the ECU and is implemented on the processor level, which means that “bench unlocking” with direct access on the ECU is no longer possible.