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Fabspeed Porsche 981/718 Cayman GT4 Monoblock Wing Risers (2015+)


Improve the look, aero, and rearward visibility of your Cayman GT4 with our Monoblock Wing Risers.


Fits all Porsche 981 Cayman GT4 models (2015-2016) & 718 GT4 models (2020+) and all GT4 factory race cars and Cayman RS race cars

Raises the wing 5.75 in / 146 mm and moves it rearwards by 1 in / 25 mm

3D laser scanned and CAD designed then HAAS CNC machined from USA billet 6061 T6 Aluminum in house.

Much stronger and lighter than cast aluminum cheap alternatives- some are like Pot-metal with aluminum porosity.

3 angle of attack settings, ranging from the factory 21 degrees to the most aggressive setting of 27.4 degrees

CAD designed and thoroughly stress tested to withstand over 3G's of cornering force and 1200 lbs of total downforce

CNC machined from billet USA 6061 T6 aluminum in house on our HAAS VF2

Increased downforce by moving the rear wing farther from the car body into a higher airstream just like a CUP car

Better visibility and safety because the rear spoiler is not blocking the drivers rear view. Major safety benefit.

Direct replacement one piece billet aluminum competition style struts

Simple DIY (Do-It-Yourself) bolt-on installation, no cutting required,see our video!

Custom colors like Gold to match wheels, clear aluminum inquire please.

Worlds strongest, lightest and finest billet aluminum wings risers. Don't put a cheap fragile cast aluminum POS on your GT4!

All Fabspeed performance products are backed by theFabspeed Lifetime Warranty