GEAR 300 75W90 5L


100% synthetic lubricant for all mechanical transmission of high performances and racing cars. For synchronised or not synchronised gearboxes, gearbox/differential, transfer gearboxes and hypoid differentials without limited slip system operating under shocks, heavy loads and low revolution speed or moderate loads and high revolution speed. 0% shear loss: Unshearable oil film in extreme conditions. Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear. 90 grade at hot temperature to provide outstanding oil film resistance at hot temperature and/or to reduce transmission noise. Fluid at low temperature to allow comfortable gear shifting.
Suitable for any type of seal and any type of material used in gearbox and limited slip differential
Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam.

Volume/weight: 5L
API Standard: GL4,GL5
OEM Approval: MIL-L-2105D
Quality: 100% SYNTHETIC
Viscosity: 75W90