The A539 features high rigidity shoulder blocks which help the tyre maintain its shape and traction during cornering providing superior grip on dry surfaces. Outstanding performance in the wet is derived from a super traction compound.
The A539 was voted the best performance tyre in Wheels Magazine Tyre Test 2003. The A539 came out on top in Best Braking, Best Cornering, Best Slalom Control against all the major brands and was declared the Wheels tyre test winner in the performance category.

Features & Benefits:

The all-round sports tyre

Sure Grip in the wet. The advanced silica compound of the A539 ensures superb traction, even on the most challenging surfaces.

Low Noise, Enhanced Comfort. The A539 delivers the performance of a leading sports tyre with the minimum of noise.

Miles better for user satisfaction. The A539 is tough and durable, offering longer-lasting superior performance.

The YOKOHAMA A539 is the successor to the A520's crown, YOKOHAMA has built on the high performance of the A520 to produce the A539.

Silica compound