The Yokohama BluEarth RV02 is a tyre designed for fuel-efficiency. Thanks to its squarer profile and new tread pattern, it also delivers improved driving performance while ensuring ride stability and safe handling.
Engineered to meet the new needs of the SUV market, a segment experiencing strong growth and demanding ever higher performance.

The tyre uses an original polymer blend compound with micro-silica and orange oil. This “nano blend compound” provides a precise balance of superior grip, low rolling resistance, high fuel efficiency and long tyre life. Yokohama promises increased stability and reduced noise emissions for tall and heavy vehicles, and the refined tread design minimises vibration in the cabin and improves passenger comfort.
Most sizes of the new Yokohoma tyre have received a “C” grade for fuel efficiency on the EU tyre label. The tyre’s impressive wet performance allowed it to secure an A grade for wet-grip.

With this more flexible rubber compound, Yokohama’s tyre promises stable driving performance and safer handling. This is thanks to the larger contact area between the tyre and the road, which significantly reduces uneven wear.

Features & Benefits:

Orange Oil Tyre Technology provides Long Mileage + Excellent Wet Grip + Fuel Efficiency
Rolling Resistance Lowers fuel consumption while decreasing emissions
5 Pitch Variation provides low tyre and cabin noise
Strong Profile - Durable + Long Lasting